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Whether you are a resident, an expatriate, a professional traveler or a simple tourist. French victims of terrorist attacks or aggression acts abroad could be compensated for their personal injury in France.

Anyone has French nationality or with dual nationality, who is abroad in a private or professional setting can benefit from Mattheva’s assistance to obtain fair compensation for the damage caused during an attack or aggression.

The nationality condition attaches to the victim, or the applicant for compensation.

Agressions et Attentats

Aggressions :

    • In order to Mattheva could take charge of your case during an assault, you have to file a complaint locally while imperatively respecting the following terms and conditions:

      • The aggression must constitute a crime or an offense punishable by imprisonment.
      • The victim must have the French nationality at the time of the offense.
      • The victim must file a complaint (with a police station or a gendarmerie
      • The perpetrator should not have been tried abroad for the same facts.

Note that you can also claim compensation for the damage suffered in civil matters through Mattheva assistance by writing to the Victims’ Offender Compensation Commission (CIVI) within three years of the offense.

The CIVI competent for offenses committed abroad on French nationals is that of the TGI of Paris.

Attentats et actes de terrorisme

Attacks and acts of terrorism :

The victims of attack or an act of terrorism, as well as their dependents, can obtain compensation for their bodily and moral injury from the Guarantee Fund for Victims of Terrorism and Offenses (FGTI).

During an attack in France, any victim can be compensated, even a foreign victim.

In case of terrorist acts or attacks abroad, only French nationals can claim compensation from the FGTI.

Mattheva assists you in both; France and outside for the constitution of your document and defend your interests before the FGTI assisted by our expert doctor and our lawyer.

Better to know : The victim of an act of terrorism and his dependents have a period of 10 years to claim the Guarantee Fund.