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practical advice — 19 January 2022

Medical expertise who can attend the clinical examination?

The cornerstone of compensation for victims, medical expertise is a source of much controversy. The clinical examination, necessary to establish the sequelae of the victim, is an essential preliminary to the determination...

practical advice — 19 January 2022

Steps to take in the event of a road accident abroad

1°) Le dépôt de plainte
 La priorité quelle que soit la gravité de l’infraction reste sa dénonciation aux autorités de police compétentes au lieu où l’infraction à été commise.En...

medical-accidents — 19 January 2022

Differences between malpractice and medical error

Medical error A medical error corresponds to several situations. Most often it is a diagnosis error or a care error. For example, it could be a...

medical-accidents — 6 January 2022

Compensation for the therapeutic hazard

This compensation can be obtained by referral to the CCI – ONIAM system. CRCI & ONIAM The CCI – ONIAM system was created by the Kouchner law of...

internationally — 6 January 2022

Compensation for French victims of an act of terrorism abroad

For acts of terrorism occurring abroad, the Fund compensates victims of French nationality and their dependents (regardless of their nationality). The Fund fully compensates...

internationally — 6 January 2022

When should you consult mattheva assistance during an accident abroad?

As soon as the first difficulties appear relating either to the cost of care or to the respect of your rights as a victim. It should be noted here that in several...