Assistance for people with reduced mobility

Specific assistance for victims with disabilities, with the collaboration of our occupational therapists and orthoprosthetists:

  • Personalized help in choosing tailor-made equipment, in line with your needs: wheelchair, medical bed, etc.
  • Personalized help with home furnishings: kitchen equipment, bathroom equipment, bedroom equipment, etc.
  • Personalized help with fitting out the vehicle: help with choosing a convertible car, help with choosing equipment, etc.
  • Mattheva Assistance also provides you with a consulting engineering service: In close collaboration with the company MATTHEVA ENGINEERING, our design office, can make you proposals for prototypes by combining the latest advances in the medical field and the latest technological innovations (Prostheses, bionic knee, etc.).

Mattheva Assistance mobilizes its efforts and expertise to help people with disabilities, regardless of their physical condition, to improve their autonomy and above all to regain a certain joy of living.