Assistance for covid 19 victims

Mattheva Coronavirus Support

Assistance to people with reduced mobility and seniors are priorities within our corporate culture. However, it is clear that it was the nursing homes that were the first, and heavily impacted by covid19, with nearly 10,000 residents deceased to date.

Mattheva assistance remains alongside the families of the victims, against the dramatic consequences of covid-19.

In the midst of a health crisis, we are seeing the emergence of registered criminal complaints for "involuntary homicide or injury", "endangering the lives of others" or "willful failure to fight a disaster". These complaints are brought by the families of deceased covi19 victims, unions and associations, but also by some mayors of the republic.

Mattheva Assistance joins this movement and makes its network of experts available to anyone for whom, either the virus or the management of the crisis, has had detrimental consequences on their private and/or professional lives.

We provide you with our network of experts with a specific unit to answer all your legal, economic or compensation questions free of charge.

We can also assist you in all the administrative procedures to assert your rights to compensation for your physical and psychological damage resulting from the management of the health crisis.