Wheelchair accessible vehicle rental/sale

We are aware that the purchase of a wheelchair accessible car is a heavy and delicate operation for an individual. The investment is substantial and you must not make any mistakes, either in the choice of the vehicle or in that of its layout.
The different technical solutions can be complex and buying a fitted vehicle often requires calling on different players: bodybuilders, car manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and dealers.

In the development of a wheelchair accessible vehicle, several skills are necessary. These skills are in particular medical, technical, ergonomic and psychological; however, the various service providers on this market do not all have this network of skills available

In the Mattheva Assistance network, you first benefit from the advice of specialized experts for whom this is the core business and daily obsession.

Our service is multi-brand and multi-service: the widest choice is open to you! Both in terms of products and forms of financing, the catalog of solutions is expanding day by day.

Mattheva Assistance delivers your turnkey disabled car to you!
You leave with an accessible car approved and registered without further action on your part!

Test your vehicle for 3 months or 6 months before buying it!

Take the time to try out your new rental vehicle for several months without committing to buying it! At the end of the trial period, you remain free to return your vehicle without penalty or charge or to buy it if the trial period has fully convinced you.

Mattheva Assistance helps you put together your grant application file during the test period.
Your tested vehicle suits you and you decide to buy it at the price clearly determined in advance. Not only is the amount you have paid for rental deducted from the sale price, but Mattheva Assistance also gives you preferential discounts obtained thanks to its large purchase volumes.

My advantages with the Mattheva Assistance network:

A single point of contact

No more obstacle course between the different dealers, bodybuilders, equipment manufacturers, etc. Mattheva Assistance is your single point of contact and assembles your tailor-made solution.

A free and personalized specialist opinion

The added value of Mattheva Assistance is to have selected the best specialists for you, each according to their area of excellence.
In the Mattheva Assistance network, we are aware that in the field of vehicles equipped for people with reduced mobility, each customer corresponds to a specific need. This is why our team is at your disposal and takes the time necessary to advise you, study and determine with you the most efficient solution.

Unequaled know-how

The Mattheva Assistance offer is based on more than 15 years of experience in contact with many disability professionals, particularly in the sectors of vehicle fitting out and fitting out of living spaces.

We are developing specific expertise for fitting out exceptional vehicles such as: Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Bugatti, Aston Martin, etc.
Unbeatable prices

Take advantage of our competitive prices! Thanks to our French and foreign partners and our annual purchase volumes.

Buying your disabled car or any other medical equipment from the Mattheva Assistance network means buying it at the best price on the market!