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Daily life accidents :

Mattheva intervenes to support all victims of daily accidents, In order to recognize their right to compensation.

Daily life accidents could be :

Accidents de la vie courante

Domestiv accidents :

  • Falling on stairs at home or outside such as shopping malls
  • burns
  • DIY and gardening accidents…
  • cutting
  • Bath, swimming pool accidents
  • injection of toxic products
accidents du sport

Sports or leisure-time accidents  :

  • Football, golf, hiking, skiing, hunting….
  • As part of a club sports practice as a licensee or as part of an activity in an informal context such as hiking
  • During an accident with bodily injury, you are entitled to full compensation for your injuries
Two cases must be distinguished during the compensation procedure:


1- If you have injured yourself without any third party intervention :
In this case, you can only be compensated if you have taken out an insurance policy which compensates for accidents in everyday life.


2- Or if you have been injured by a third party :
In this case, you must provide a proof that the third party was at wrong in this situation. The insurer of the third party responsible will take care of the damages linked to your personal injury under the civil liability of the person responsible.


In these cases, the maximum compensation depends on the lump sum amounts provided for in the insurance contract.
Therefore it is necessary to make a rigorous examination of each situation.


Do not hesitate to contact Mattheva for a free study of your situation !