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To help you get back home and ensure your well-being at home, we have put the quality of our services at the heart of our concerns.

Take an interest in yourself, your living environment, your loved ones, your story. Listen to you, understand your situation and its particularities in order to provide informed and individualized advice.

To offer you the best equipment so that you can continue to live in peace with those you love. Find solutions at every stage of your life so you can turn the page and keep moving forward.

More than just a commitment, “equipping you with the best value for money to continue living peacefully with your loved ones” is the primary mission of our consultants Mattheva Assistance

Because transforming sometimes difficult moments into happy and lasting situations is our job, our vocation!

Medical Equipment
Why rent medical equipment?

    By renting your medical equipment, your doctor allows you to keep it as much time as you need, and this allows you to enjoy many benefits such as:

  • Delivery and installation: when you rent your medical device, we will deliver it to your home,
    install it by an expert technician and, above all, you will be trained to use it so that you are as independent as possible.
  • Repair and after-sales service:
    By renting your medical equipment, we take care of the follow-up and the repair if necessary with the equipment without any extra cost and especially very quickly!
    Repair and after-sales service can be quite time-consuming when you buy your own medical device. You will need to find qualified professionals (tip: Mattheva Assistance network provides after-sales service for all types of medical equipment) and you will have to pay for repairs if they are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, etc.
  • Simplicity: With renting, you only have to return the material once used, and that’s it! This can also allow you to try it for a certain period of time to confirm your choice before a possible purchase.
  • A compliant material: By renting your medical equipment, you benefit from the latest innovations in health, for comfort and quality of service always more important. As in all areas, medical equipment sometimes becomes obsolete and some important innovations come to the market.
  • Economical: Due to their technical nature, some medical equipment has a significant purchase cost (up to several thousand euros). It is not always easy to have to leave such a sum of money right away, with the purchase. The medical device rental allows you to have the best equipment available according to your needs, with very low monthly payments.

A counselor Mattheva Assistance accompanies you and coordinates the various paramedical workers.
Help with the choice of products adapted to your handicap in correlation with your financial situation.
For people with reduced mobility (PMR), disabled, elderly and / or sick, the equipment offered by Mattheva Assistance rental / sale provide comfort and additional security to users and loved ones.
They ensure the maintenance of independence at home and allow to enjoy all the housing including upper floors too often condemned when losing autonomy.



Mattheva Assistance accompanies you throughout your project, advises you and brings you the solution best suited to your needs and the configuration of your home.


We offer different ranges of products, depending on the configuration of your home, to meet your needs.


  • Benefit from a 25% tax credit for the installation of equipment for the elderly or disabled (according to the law of finance in France)
  • You can also benefit from subsidies granted by certain organizations (means tested): pension fund, National Housing Agency (ANAH), local authorities …

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