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Expertise médicale

The originals of all medical documents, including prescription drugs, must be carefully preserved for medical examination

procédure d’indemnisation

Be sure to also keep proof of all expenses incurred in connection with the consequences of the accident / act of terrorism. As part of the compensation procedure, they can be integrated into your final application.

Expertise médicale

For people with bodily injury (physical and / or psychological) and those who suffer economic loss as a result of the death of their loved ones (for example children following the death of one of their parents), we recommend the use of lawyer for a fair assessment of your situation and all the consequences of the event. This lawyer must have a real specialization in compensation for damages.

Expertise médicale

If you are being followed by a professional in the context of psychological support, make sure that he / she will give you a document describing the syndromes found and detailing the number of appointments. If you consult a practitioner in the Liberal sector, you must also ask him for a summary of the amounts paid.

Expertise médicale

People who are physically injured and / or have suffered psychological trauma will have to pass one or more expertises.