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accidents de travail
Work accidents :

For work accidents Mattheva assistance only intervenes in the case of serious faults on the employer part or in the event of a commuting accident with bodily injury

Work accident includes three events :

  • strictly speaking work accident
  • occupational disease
  • commuting accident

Victims of work accidents can not claim full compensation for their injuries like ordinary victims, but only lump sum compensation by social security.

faute inexcusable
Exception: inexcusable fault :

To fill this gapin the event of an inexcusable fault on the part of the employer, the victims of a work accident benefit from a broader compensation which takes into account the repair of the damage points not covered by the social security code, as well as an increase of the rent.

Inexcusable fault is defined as any failure by the employer to fulfill his security obligation. Indeed, if the employer had or should have been aware of the danger, and did not take the necessary measures to avoid it, in this case his responsibility is criminally engaged.

When you have involved in an accident that is both a work accident and a traffic accident, then you automatically benefit from the workers’ compensation plan but also from the road accident compensation plan. This allows you to be compensated on all of the damage items.

Mattheva can assist you in a work accident related to an inexcusable fault of the employer or in a commuting accident with bodily injury.

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